The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) regulation 10 CFR 51 requires an applicant for nuclear plant license renewal to submit an environmental report with its application. Tetra Tech's license renewal experience dates from 1991, with our participation in industry review and comment on draft NRC regulatory changes to its environmental requirements for license renewal. Our staff has supported or is currently supporting license renewal initiatives at 65 operating commercial nuclear power sites in the United States. This level of effort and experience is unparalleled in the nuclear consulting industry.

In 1998 the commercial nuclear industry embarked on an untested venture when the Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant in Maryland submitted the first application to renew a reactor operating license. Tetra Tech prepared the environmental report for Calvert Cliffs and assisted our client in obtaining NRC approval for 20 additional years of generation at existing power plants at a fraction of the cost of new generation.

Since then, Tetra Tech has continued providing this expertise to nuclear facilities across the country and just completed our 36th license renewal environmental report (representing 57 of the 104 operating reactors). Throughout this period, Tetra Tech has gained unparalleled experience working with NRC regulations and guidance and NRC staff and management; dealing with other federal, state, and local agencies and the public regarding nuclear plant licensing; and meeting client schedule and budget requirements. Environmental and license renewal documents prepared by Tetra Tech include:

  • National Environmental Policy Act documents, environmental assessments, and environmental impact statements
  • Combined construction and operating licenses
  • Early site permits
  • Extended power uprates
  • Independent spent fuel storage installation
  • Biological surveys
  • Cultural resources surveys