Tetra Tech is updating New Jersey’s three-year Hazard Mitigation Plan (HMP) in accordance with the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA’s) criteria.

As New Jersey recovers from Superstorm Sandy, this plan will provide updated information on the many statewide recovery and building issues. This plan will also document regulatory, programmatic, and governmental changes that affect mitigation in New Jersey. The plan will serve as the foundation for New Jersey’s long-term mitigation strategy, which will include issues such as climate change, sea-level rise, and coastal resiliency. As part of this effort, Tetra Tech will conduct extensive outreach to the broad range of federal, state, and regional mitigation stakeholders.

In addition to preparing the statewide HMP for New Jersey, Tetra Tech is also conducting regulatory five-year updates to county-level HMPs. These multijurisdictional plans are some of the first in the New York/New Jersey region to be reviewed and approved in accordance with the updated FEMA plan review guidance. The revisions will focus on improving their local mitigation strategies and promoting the implementation of plans through integration with local comprehensive plans, redevelopment plans, and capital improvement plans.