New Air Combat Capability Off-Aircraft Maintenance Facility

Tetra Tech provided Project Management and Contract Administration services for the planning, design, and delivery of a dedicated maintenance facility at RAAF Base Williamtown, Australia, to sustain operational aircraft capability.


  • Client: Department of Defence – Estate and Infrastructure Group
  • Completion date: August 2018
  • Location: RAAF Base Williamtown, NSW, Australia
  • Value: Part of $1.47B for R8000 - Facilities  and Infrastructure Requirement for the New Air Combat Capability
Maintaining close collaboration with all stakeholders to deliver this complex facility

The Off-Aircraft Maintenance Facility is a purpose-built, shared facility at Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) Base Williamtown that supports efficient and effective off-aircraft maintenance for F-35A Joint Strike Fighter aircraft.

Tetra Tech Coffey served as the Project Manager and Contract Administrator, working closely with the client and leading the Managing Contractor and their team of consultants through design and construction to successfully achieve the Commonwealth’s objectives.

Coordinating access throughout construction on an active Defense Base

To ensure there were no issues during this project, our Project Management team worked with the client and defense stakeholders to ensure all aspects of facility access were controlled. This involved sequencing works to allow for the decant and demolition of an existing facility and active Aircraft Toway prior to commencement.

As the fit-out of the facility commenced and various areas approached the final stages, end users requested early access to complete defense activities and store various pieces of specialised equipment.

Our team overcame these unique challenges whilst maintaining the program and ensuring a high level of safety and security compliance was achieved.

During construction, the project team faced various challenges implementing the original design. We worked closely with numerous stakeholders to provide solutions to these challenges and successfully implemented progressed design parameters to better suit end user requirements.

Upon completion, a high-quality standalone facility that satisfied our client's objectives and met programme and budget expectations, was handed to the Commonwealth.