Tetra Tech Rooney (REI), designed a 26-mile, 24-inch diameter natural gas pipeline in north-central Pennsylvania for a confidential client.

The pipeline moves 300 million standard cubic feet per day (mmscfd) of dry gas from the client’s metering and regulation site to a new compressor station at the Transco Hub. The project crossed three state forests managed by the Pennsylvania Department Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR).

The design included four compressor stations, each with a capacity of 75 mmscfd. The compressor station design included inlet scrubbers, discharge coalescing filters, a fuel gas system, and compressor buildings to house the units and minimize noise. An ultrasonic meter system provides custody transfer between the client and the Transco Hub.

In addition to the mainline design, REI is designing a 16-mile, 20-inch diameter transfer pipeline to move 200 mmscfd from the Wellsboro Loop System near Wellsboro, Pennsylvania, to the client’s meter and regulation station on the Dominion Pipeline. This line also crosses Pennsylvania State Forest land.

The pipeline design includes road and stream crossings, as well as horizontal directional drill designs for major water crossings.


  • Design of 26-mile main pipeline and 16-mile transfer pipeline
  • Pipelines crossed state forests managed by Pennsylvania DCNR