Mt. Whaleback in Western Australia is owned and operated by BHP Billiton Iron Ore, the world’s largest miner and a major exporter of iron ore.

Tetra Tech Proteus has completed a number of projects associated with upgrading both high-voltage and low-voltage switchboards at the Mt. Whaleback operations to assist in providing the client with continued safe and sustainable operations.

The Mt. Whaleback operations are in Newman, Western Australia, about 1,200 kilometers northeast of Perth. Tetra Tech Proteus has assisted the Mt. Whaleback operations with meeting safe and sustainable business objectives by providing engineering solutions to replace a range of onsite, legacy high-risk high-voltage and low-voltage switchboards.

Tetra Tech Proteus’s engineering design has incorporated the latest international arc flash standards, thereby limiting the exposure of operations personnel to dangerous arc fault energy.

With the client’s business objectives in mind, Tetra Tech Proteus has provided solutions that limit downtime and operational impact on planned production. Tetra Tech Proteus has developed project execution plans and methodologies to maximize the use of planned plant outages for all switchboard installation, cut-over, and commissioning activities.

Key engineering project highlights:

  • 30 million volt-amperes of connected load
  • 11-kilovolt/3.3-kilovolt/415-volt power distribution
  • Smart load center and protection