Monash University, Learning and Teaching Building

Tetra Tech’s High Performance Buildings Group provided fire protection, security, sustainability, vertical transportation, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) services for Monash University’s Learning and Teaching Building in Melbourne, Australia.


  • Size: 40,000 square meters (430,556 square feet)
  • Construction Cost: AUD$206 million (USD$141.1 million)
  • Client/Owner: Monash University Novated to Brookfield Multiplex
  • Architect: John Wardle Architects
  • Contractor: Multiplex
  • Completion Date: 2018


The AUD$206 million (USD$141.1 million) world-leading Learning and Teaching Building forms a tangible representation of the university’s broader vision for Better Teaching and Better Learning. The program seeks to raise the bar for student education and engagement and provide a facility that exemplifies their commitment to providing modern, well-appointed collaborative learning spaces.

The student-centered learning methods that are a central feature of the space required significant adaptability of purpose and layout, which presented a considerable challenge for the engineering services design. The electrical systems had to account for the pervasive and variable audiovisual (AV) requirements, while the environmental controls had to maintain a comfortable temperature with variations in occupation, as well as the heat generated from AV equipment, variable lighting levels, and the students’ own laptops. Achieving this while still adhering to the 5 Star Green Star As Built commitment specified by Monash required in-depth understanding of the space and the energy consumption within it.

Tetra Tech worked with Monash to deliver core services and a bespoke sustainability strategy for the university to achieve its sustainability objectives. Key design initiatives include maximizing passive design features to optimize aesthetic appeal, and energy efficiency. This includes:

  • Facade optimization, where the building’s striking curb appeal also features clever energy saving features, such as a screen of perforated zinc which shades the glazed windows from external heat, while still permitting a panoramic view of the surroundings from inside the building
  • The provision of an excellent indoor environment that supports student and faculty activities, and creates a pleasant occupant experience in form and function
  • Photo Voltaic cells on the roof that augment the sustainability credentials of the building
  • Water conservation strategies that include highly efficient fixtures and HVAC solutions

The sustainability strategy will also inform future projects and the implementation of sustainable initiatives throughout the campus.

The result is a visually inspiring, world-class learning environment, designed to accommodate and enhance new styles of learning experience. The open, welcoming atmosphere of the Learning and Teaching Building invites learning engagement. The building will accommodate thousands of students each semester and will be the home of advanced learning and teaching practice across Monash.

Images courtesy of Trevor Mein photography c/John Wardle Architects