To meet increasing demands for the newest mapping technologies in both traditional and non-traditional applications, Tetra Tech has added a compact, highly flexible system to provide engineering-grade surveys and asset inventory collection.

Since 1995, Tetra Tech has offered clients the industry’s most current technologies in mobile mapping services. Tetra Tech has collected more than 500,000 miles of complex roadway condition data. Our most recent upgrade allows us to quickly capture precise data in large volumes for our clients without compromising safety.

Tetra Tech’s specialists can quickly and efficiently mobilize to scan aboveground features virtually anywhere in the world. Tetra Tech’s full geomatic capabilities offer clients aerial LiDAR/photogrammetry, land survey (both traditional and 3-D scanning), and hydrographic/bathymetric survey services. Scanning needs can be fully addressed virtually everywhere—air, land, and sea.

Both public and private clients see immediate benefits with mobile scanning. Advantages of using mobile scanning include safer, faster, and efficient services with multiple applications.

Safer Environment

The Pegasus:Two mobile scanner provides a safer environment for the field survey team during data collection, minimizing exposure to hazardous conditions along the roadway. After collection is completed, feature extraction is then performed back in the office. State departments of transportation and local municipalities are moving to the use of LiDAR-based (remote sensing laser technology) data acquisition, where safety concerns are substantial. The Pegasus:Two offers the most current LiDAR technologies to quickly capture precise data in large volumes without compromising safety.

Faster Data Collection

Tetra Tech is able to collect data while driving the vehicle at the speed of traffic. The point cloud and photo data can then be used to quickly analyze areas for project planning and offer more accurate design information. This work can often be accomplished on the day of collection.

Efficient Data Processing

Tetra Tech’s process efficiently uses data collected through an ArcGIS platform. Product deliverables are enhanced by using both field and office staff simultaneously to meet client goals.

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