Tetra Tech is implementing the Mitigating Local Disputes in Liberia (MLDL) program in rural regions of the country for the Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs, focusing on building the capacity of community institutions to identify flashpoints, resolve conflict, reduce violence, and advance peace and stability. The project works in Lofa and Nimba counties (northern and northwestern Liberia), which have experienced conflict and unrest in recent years and were the incubators for Liberia’s devastating civil wars.

I am very impressed by the numerous activities taking place in both Nimba and Lofa. Hopefully, this program will expand to Bong so that citizens in the Gbarnga Hub Region will have access to similar services.

Liberia Minister of Justice Tah, January 2014

The overall goal of the MLDL program is to identify and address potential conflicts that could destabilize the community. The principal objectives of the MLDL program are to establish and work with County Security Councils (CSCs), District Security Councils (DSCs), community forums, local police, and community watch forums to build their capacity and support them in identifying and addressing security concerns. The program team has established rigorous consultative processes with Liberian stakeholders to ensure alignment with local priorities.

Through the MLDL program, Tetra Tech is:

  • Improving law enforcement officers’ ability to carry out community policing and investigate crime
  • Building the capacity of security institutions to identify small disputes and prevent them from escalating
  • Working with national and local partners to replicate the National Security Council with CSCs and DSCs, charged with resolving security concerns within their jurisdictions and reporting potentially destabilizing issues to the next level
  • Establishing Community Forums, which report unresolved community security concerns to the DSCs
  • Assisting police in responding effectively to community concerns and unrest by strengthening their investigative capacities and helping them integrate into the local milieu

Our program team conducted assessments of 10 police stations, 80 police officers, and 40 government security institutions in Nimba and Lofa counties. The assessments sought to identify barriers that prevent identifying and addressing security issues. We are determining the most efficient way to provide support to the police stations and security institutions to enable them to effectively respond to community concerns. We are also collaborating with community watch forums to help enhance their ability to provide police with essential community support.

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