To assist customers with data management demands and management of submarine cable assets, Tetra Tech developed a software platform that organizes submarine cable project datasets into a single digital platform—MAVERICK. The system’s name is derived from its functionality: our marine asset visualization engine helps reduce risk, provides project insight, and consolidates project knowledge.

Tetra Tech combined extensive experience and lessons learned on submarine cable projects with insights from top industry advisors to create the MAVERICK platform. This highly flexible system provides comprehensive data services appropriate for any submarine cable portfolio. 

MAVERICK provides our clients with a comprehensive, 3D project visualization below the waterline that can be achieved by importing project data from any internet-connected computer or tablet. The platform leverages several common project datasets such as a route position list (RPL), bathymetry data, and side scan sonar imagery. 

The MAVERICK platform’s big data functionality allows us to quickly import large volumes of project data without compromising data integrity. The resulting immersive, custom, 3D view of a submarine project would take months to achieve by conventional means. 

MAVERICK allows users to load multiple data sets to achieve the most complete view of their submarine cable portfolio and seamlessly manage their submarine assets.  

The MAVERICK platform is built on Tetra Tech’s tradition of leading with science while embracing innovation. MAVERICK offers a new way to manage and visualize submarine assets through a customizable platform that meets individual client and project needs. 

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