The Los Angeles River is the original source of life for Los Angeles. It attracted the original settlers, powered industry, and served as an important transportation corridor. However, when homes and businesses moved into the river’s floodplain, a concrete-walled channel needed to be built to prevent flood damage. What was once the heart of the city is now an eyesore to many residents.

Tetra Tech was the consultant lead on the Los Angeles River Revitalization Master Plan. The plan proposes an effort to bring new life to a 32-mile stretch of the river, where the goal is to create a “green ribbon” of parks and community recreation areas. The plan lays the framework for potentially billions of dollars of revitalization-related construction and engineering along the river corridor.

The plan includes recommendations for the following:

  • Physical improvements to add green space to the river corridor and to the green space network in adjacent neighborhoods
  • Managing public access and ensuring public health and safety
  • River governance and management structure
  • Short- and long-term priority projects and potential funding sources

Tetra Tech is excited to help the city implement the next phase of the plan with its partners, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and Los Angeles County. Tetra Tech has been working on waterfront revitalization and redevelopment projects for more than 40 years, and our experience with and understanding of river mechanics will help make it possible for the city to realize its objectives.

Tetra Tech's role in revitalization projects in the past has been planning, design, permitting, and implementation, including recreational upgrades, ecosystem and habitat improvements, water supply facilities, transportation systems, and brownfields-type cleanup activities.


  • Excellence on the Waterfront Award, The Waterfront Center (2007)
  • President’s Award of Excellence for Planning and Urban Design, American Society of Landscape Architects, Colorado Chapter (2007)
  • Award of Excellence, American Society of Landscape Architects, Southern California Chapter (2007)
  • Honor Award for Regional and Urban Design, National American Institute of Architects (2008)
  • Urban Design Award, American Institute of Architects, California Council (2008)