Prior to the January 2010 earthquake, Haiti faced high levels of unemployment, income inequality, and a limited tax base. The earthquake destroyed productive infrastructure, human capital, and inventory, throwing Haiti into an economic crisis. To assist Haiti in rebuilding and growing its economy, Tetra Tech is working with RTI International to identify several high-potential sectors that have the potential to generate broad-based employment in the three regions supported by the U.S. government: Cap Haitien, Saint-Marc, and Port-au-Prince. The Local Enterprise and Value Chain Enhancement (LEVE) project, funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), is designed to create economic growth through capacity building and job creation within the construction, apparel and textiles, and agribusiness sectors within the development corridors. 

As a subcontractor to RTI International on the LEVE project, Tetra Tech is providing technical leadership to local agribusinesses and construction firms (micro-, small-, and medium-sized enterprises, or MSMEs). We are providing short-term technical assistance and experts in the three targeted regions to assist them in growing their businesses, creating jobs, increasing revenue, strengthening market linkages and, in general, enhancing targeted value chain development. Our work in this area includes:

  • Conducting initial value chain assessments
  • Identifying viable lead firms in each sector that have the greatest potential to positively impact and spearhead sector growth
  • Providing targeted lead firms with short-term technical services needed to improve their performance and assisting them in assessing their existing capacity and needs 
  • Designing and accessing LEVE-supported grants to support their overall development

In addition to supporting the agricultural and construction sectors, Tetra Tech also is working closely with Papyrus, a promising Haitian organizational capacity building consulting firm, to improve the sustainability of Haitian organizations serving target sectors and regions. Under LEVE, Tetra Tech serves as a mentor to Papyrus, providing them with a range of technical assistance and training services to build their capacity to, in turn, sustain the work locally after the close of the project.

Through LEVE, Tetra Tech and USAID are increasing employment in Haiti by providing support to MSMEs and the value chains in which they operate and supporting the development of a more productive and more highly skilled labor pool. These efforts are beginning to result in more inclusive and productive value chains, which is leading to increased job creation in Haiti.