Tetra Tech provided engineering consulting services to help improve Kinder Morgan’s oil pipeline capacity and efficiency in Washington’s Puget Sound area and to meter two existing delivery stations at Anacortes and Ferndale.

Working in close partnership with Kinder Morgan and the contractor, Tetra Tech provided services through all stages of the project to install two 2,500hp medium-voltage pumps capable of serving either of two different pipelines or both at the same time. This included upgrading the station’s relief, and reconnecting and reintroducing two 96,000 barrel storage tanks into service. Along with the two pumps, Tetra Tech installed a 300hp medium-voltage booster pump to increase pump suction.

To ensure that the complex layers of piping would fit and allow for maintenance to all valves, Tetra Tech employed 3-D modeling both in the original design and in reviewing alternate layouts. Our work led to a practical layout of the site, piping, and electrical facilities. All equipment was commissioned and brought inline during a winter shutdown in early 2009 without any delays to the terminals.