Tetra Tech is providing technical support and capacity building for Jordanian utilities and water-related institutions to improve sector performance and manage chronic water scarcity.

In Jordan, water scarcity issues threaten economic growth and pose the potential for conflict. The country’s per capita water availability is among the lowest in the world, and demand continues to increase. Through the Water Management Initiative (WMI), funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), Tetra Tech is supporting USAID and the Government of Jordan to address the country’s most pressing water challenges and avoid a looming crisis.

Unsustainable extraction rates have resulted in declining groundwater levels, and a resulting sharp increase in energy needs has increased water production costs. Approximately half of Jordan’s piped water is unaccounted for due to leakage, theft, and other management challenges. The rapid influx of more than a million refugees from regional conflicts has heightened the need for effective water sector management and governance.

Applying our global experience in water institutional reform, engineering, and technology, Tetra Tech is helping to produce tangible, short-term results that provide long-term solutions to move the country onto a trajectory toward sector reform and sustainability. The program has four main components: water supply systems, water conservation and demand management, water sector governance, and protection of water supply.

Through WMI, Tetra Tech is helping improve technical and financial performance of Jordan’s water utilities, including the Yarmouk Water Company, which serves two million people, including the majority of refugees in Jordan. We also are supporting the Government of Jordan to meet its commitments to the International Monetary Fund for improved sector efficiency and cost recovery.

To improve water conservation and demand management, our team is supporting the Jordanian government to strengthen utility demand-side management and realize broad-based conservation behavior change. Tetra Tech is partnering with the private sector and municipalities to promote conservation and reuse and facilitate practical enforcement mechanisms and improved coordination among municipalities, various ministries, and the private sector.

Working with the Government of Jordan, Tetra Tech is modifying corporatized utility agreements to increase autonomy, accountability, and performance; divest irrigation management in the Jordan River valley to improve efficiency and reduce losses; develop and support an independent sector regulator; and plan and implement strategic communications and advocacy programs. These programs aim to increase opportunities for women and youth, increase public engagement and understanding of water scarcity issues, and reduce associated resource-related conflict.

Tetra Tech supports the development of a groundwater management framework and improved monitoring to help protect water supply. Our team is conducting engineering analysis and capacity building to improve wastewater treatment performance and expand opportunities for water reuse and supporting water safety planning and improved water quality management.