Infrastructure Assessments at Multiple U.S. Air Force Bases

Tetra Tech is one of six approved distributors for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) BUILDER 3.0 Sustainable Management System (BUILDER SMS) to nonfederal entities.

Tetra Tech used the BUILDER SMS tool for the facility condition assessment and real property installed equipment (RPIE) surveys evaluating 44.7 million square feet at 19 U.S. Air Force installations.

Tetra Tech developed and employed proprietary software to collect field data and automate data transfer to BUILDER SMS, resulting in substantial efficiency gains. Tetra Tech conducted an inventory of key mechanical components and condition assessments on exterior enclosure, roofing, interior construction, plumbing, HVAC, and electrical components. Our team evaluated building systems at the individual component level based on their current condition, observed distresses, and estimated point in their life cycle. The data was populated and delivered in the BUILDER SMS program.

Tetra Tech also performed sustainable infrastructure assessments (SIAs) at 20 Air Force bases for the Air Force Civil Engineer Center. We worked collaboratively with the USACE Forth Worth District, which the Air Force appointed as the execution agent. Tetra Tech established key data collection protocols and report templates that USACE used as the foundation for standardized processes for all SIA contractors to follow.

The SIA effort included collecting and analyzing data for four asset management production lines, including real property inventory, facility condition, RPIE, and space utilization. Additional analyses included two energy-centric product lines: energy and water, and high-performance sustainable buildings. Real property data was collected for all facilities, validated, and then used as the baseline data for the other product lines. This effort combined previous and future assessments and provided a comprehensive, standardized data set for use in the Air Force’s overall asset management plan.

Tetra Tech provided the Air Force with key facility performance data and capital investment requirements that will support an optimized investment planning and execution approach for their built asset portfolio. The plan also enables leaders to make informed decisions using objective data to develop accurate capital investment requirements across the Air Force’s real estate portfolio.