Increasing Transportation and Storage Capacity for North Dakota Crude

Tetra Tech designed and managed construction of a major pipeline and storage network in North Dakota, which transports approximately 25 percent of all crude produced in the state.

The system is a multiphased project that expanded transportation and storage capacity for North Dakota crude oil. Between 2006 and 2016, Tetra Tech provided engineering, construction management, and commissioning support throughout the various project phases.

In the first three years, Tetra Tech helped expand transport capacity by 120 thousand barrels per day (MBPD) in five phases, adding 53 miles of 10-inch-diameter pipeline, 3 crude storage tanks with total capacity of 130,000 barrels, and expansion and reconstruction of pump stations and terminals.

The next phase expanded the project’s storage capacity to 655 MBPD. Tetra Tech designed and supported construction of a new rail loading facility capable of 80 MBPD while also adding 30,000 horsepower, and adding or expanding five pump stations, three terminals, and seven storage tanks.

The final phase consisted of designing and partially constructing a new pipeline that would move the crude from North Dakota to Wisconsin via Minnesota at a rate of 375 MBPD. The pump station would add 60,000 horsepower.