Hassalo on Eighth

Tetra Tech provided mechanical, electrical, plumbing, energy analysis, technology integration, lighting design, and commissioning for all four buildings of Hassalo on Eighth.


  • Size: Four city blocks, including 592,616 square feet (sf) of housing, 31,707 sf of retail, 26,400 sf of retail tenant, and 271,582 sf of office space
  • Cost: $192 million
  • Architect: GBD Architects
  • Contractor: Turner Construction
  • Completion Date: 2015

In the midst of a population boom, Portland, Oregon, is in need of more residential space. With the city’s current infrastructure not able to keep up with that need, new developments have to accommodate a growing population while not damaging the surrounding environment. Hassalo on Eighth was conceived as an EcoDistrict–a series of buildings that share energy infrastructure–to ease the city’s housing squeeze, revitalize a neighborhood in need of development, and reduce tenants’ carbon footprint by nearly a third.

Originally an office tower surrounded by three blocks of parking, Hassalo on Eighth transformed the light rail-adjacent lot into a mixed-use development. The redesign included adding three residential buildings sharing a central utility plant and reorienting the neighborhood to a pedestrian and transit-friendly area.

Photos courtesy of Lara Swimmer