In addition to providing extensive humanitarian assistance and economic support to the government and people of Haiti, the United States also provides for the development and strengthening of the criminal justice sector. The Department of State, the embassy, and the Government of Haiti all have concerns over regional trafficking in narcotics, weapons, and persons, as well as a need to enhance the presence, legitimacy, and professionalism of a police force designed to serve the public. Tetra Tech is providing assistance to strengthen the capacity and administration of the Haitian National Police (HNP).

Kudos to your team for helping bring the HNP/BLTS Unit to a higher level of organization, which is needed for long term development and capacity building!

Jean-Paul O'Brien, Contracting Officer’s Representative, Criminal Justice Program Support – HAITI

The Government of Haiti, in cooperation with the United Nations, other international donors, and the United States, is in the midst of implementing its second five-year plan for the HNP. The Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs tasked Tetra Tech with helping to build administrative, logistical, and managerial capabilities amongst HNP personnel and to create new and strengthen existing policies, procedures, and systems.

Tetra Tech is implementing a strategic change management approach to helping the HNP identify and prioritize its needs, and then helping build the capacity necessary to create and carry out actions plans that reflect the priorities of the Director General and of the Superior Council of National Police. Our support includes assisting the priority directorates and offices with developing annual work plans and specific action plans, as well as working with senior management to develop a budget process that aligns with the work plans. We also help the HNP to create and strengthen policies and procedures.

Our team helps build capacity through a combination of advising, mentoring, coaching, education and training, and training of trainers, as well as an integrated internal communication campaign to increase awareness and knowledge of changing requirements and practices. We have been working with the HNP to:

  • Develop the Strategic Planning Unit
  • Support the development and promotion of the HNP Career Plan
  • Help HNP executive leadership to develop and execute fair, consistent policies and procedures related to welfare, promotion, transfers, and appointments
  • Develop and roll out a procurement system that is compliant with the rules, regulations, policies, and procedures of the National Public Procurement Commission