Tetra Tech analyzed global payroll systems and operations and benefits providers to identify opportunities for cost savings, efficiency improvements, and risk reduction for a multi-national manufacturing company.

A multi-national manufacturing company hired Tetra Tech to assess, evaluate, and recommend options to cut costs, increase compliance, and reduce risk by potentially pooling national benefits programs and consolidating global payroll operations.

The client believed significant efficiencies and risk reduction could be gained by consolidating its international division’s payroll operations and benefits plan administration. Tetra Tech worked with the manufacturing company to provide a rigorous analysis of the company’s current operations and available vendor options. Our team prepared a business case that considered return on investment (ROI), strategic alignment, implementation risks, sustainability, and other factors that needed to be weighed before proceeding with consolidation.

Tetra Tech’s lead consultant on the project has done a fantastic job.

Client’s Senior Director of HR - International

Tetra Tech provided benchmarks for best practices, conducted system analysis, performed organizational and process redesign, and completed a cost-benefit analysis.

Tetra Tech designed a survey for global, regional, and local human resource (HR) personnel to determine the current state of country-level payroll operations and systems and benefits administration. Tetra Tech’s experts compared the current situation against best practice benchmarks used by similarly situated companies and developed a matrix of vendors that offer global and regional payroll and benefits services.

We also analyzed the company’s existing HR technologies, systems, and procedures to ensure alignment of recommended solutions with existing systems and long-term HR operational strategies. Tetra Tech experts performed a functional analysis and outlined the organizational changes that would be necessitated by consolidating payroll and benefits, including defining the modifications to staff job functions and the payroll operations model.

Tetra Tech provided the client with recommendations that included an ROI analysis highlighting costs, savings, and risk reductions to be expected through technology rationalization and vendor and system consolidation.

Tetra Tech’s recommendations to outsource payroll to one or two international vendors was adopted by key client stakeholders, ultimately resulting in a business decision to outsource key global payroll while maintaining alignment with existing HR information systems and procedures.