Rosillón Internacional, s.a., a geothermal independent power producer, was pursuing the commercial development of 30- to 50-megawatt (MW) geothermal projects throughout Central America and the Philippines. Rosillón utilized present Tetra Tech staff to provide the initial planning and preparation of $20 million of geothermal exploration, geological, and geophysical programs; develop plans for deep, high-temperature exploration drilling operations; and serve as the liaison with potential financial and investor groups. This development work included hiring and supervising contractors, implementing field surveys, analyzing technical data, and developing geothermal resource and reservoir models for venture capital funding.

Tetra Tech staff managed all of Rosillón’s commercial geothermal development operations from 2009 to 2014. Responsibilities included finding and acquiring geothermal development prospects primarily throughout Central America and the Philippines and seeking project opportunities generally in the 30-50 MW capacity range. Ongoing management tasks included analyzing existing technical data for geothermal resource areas, negotiating with concession holders and government oversight authorities, designing and implementing exploration programs, developing geothermal resource models, and planning full geothermal exploration drilling programs alongside drilling engineers and contractors.  
Tetra Tech personnel had considerable success finding excellent geothermal resource prospects and negotiating joint ventures and potential acquisitions. Tetra Tech staff spent significant effort building project development financial models, IRRs for private investors, and understanding risk mitigation from the perspective of financial groups and private investors. Additionally, Tetra Tech staff committed considerable time and effort to making face-to-face presentations to investor groups and promoting specific commercial geothermal project opportunities.  
The overall geothermal development work undertaken by Tetra Tech personnel throughout Central America and the Philippines, while engaged by Rosillón Internacional, s.a., contributed to the sale and acquisition of a geothermal project in the Philippines currently being developed for 50 MW. Our work also supported several other opportunities throughout Central America that have subsequently been drilled and are under evaluation for commercial geothermal development.