Tetra Tech is working to improve the health, governance, civil society engagement, and emergency preparedness and response sectors in Fiji and Tuvalu.

The Australian government is committed to supporting a stable and prosperous Fiji. It works in close partnership with the government of Fiji and key stakeholders to deliver its aid program to support inclusive economic growth and reduce poverty.

Australia provides, on average, AUD$35 million per year in bilateral development assistance to a number of sectors, including health, education, and private sector development.

In addition, the Australian government is committed to strengthening Tuvalu’s economic and environmental resilience by working in partnership with the government of Tuvalu.

The Australian government established the Fiji Program Support Facility in 2017 to increase the efficiency, effectiveness, and coherence of Australia’s aid program. The facility, managed by Tetra Tech on behalf of the Australian government, implements Australia’s aid programs in the health, governance, civil society engagement, and emergency preparedness and response sectors in Fiji, and the Australia Awards and education programs in both Fiji and Tuvalu. These programs will represent one third of Australia’s annual bilateral aid to Fiji, amounting to AUD$66 million from 2017 to 2021.

Key sectors supported by Australia and administered by the Facility:

Health: Working in partnership with the Ministry of Health and Medical Services to help strengthen public health service delivery and health systems by supporting workforce development, policy and planning, IT systems, procurement processes, and management capacity.

Education: Helping to improve education opportunities in Fiji by supporting the Ministry of Education, Heritage, and Art’s strategic priorities of literacy and numeracy, inclusive education, school leadership and management, and professional development. Helping to improve the quality of learning for children, increase access to technical vocational skills, and improve the functioning of the education system and Department of Education in Tuvalu.

Australia Awards: Providing scholarships through the Australia Awards program in priority sectors identified by the Fiji and Tuvalu governments and the private sector.

Civil society support: Delivery of Australia’s commitments under the Australia-Fiji Civil Society Engagement Strategy, to provide grant support and capacity building activities with civil society organizations in Fiji.

Emergency preparedness and response: Setting aside contingency funds to support emergency preparedness and disaster response activities, upon request by the Fiji government.

Governance: Providing technical assistance to enhance economic and public sector governance and service delivery, upon request by the Fiji government.

Over its lifespan, the Facility will support the integration of cross-cutting themes, including gender equality, disability inclusion, climate resilience, emergency preparedness, and civil society engagement. Tetra Tech will provide strong operational support to stakeholders and deliver effective bilateral aid programs in Fiji and Tuvalu.