The Orlando Utilities Commission, Florida’s second-largest public utility provider, needed to expand its available area to store waste material from their flagship generating facility east of Orlando. The expanded facility was critical to maintain full-capacity generation; therefore, time was of the essence to receive regulatory approval and complete construction of the first usable cell. Tetra Tech’s design, permitting, construction, and project management staff collaborated to meet the aggressive schedule without sacrificing safety, with more than 130,000 work hours expended with zero incidents.

Tetra Tech provided the commission with complete turnkey services on the project. Tetra Tech designed and permitted the 90-acre landfill in compliance with Florida Administrative Code 62-701. The design included a double-lined, three-cell landfill with leachate collection system and leak detection system, along with a 22-acre stormwater pond.

Tetra Tech also constructed Cell No. 1 (approximately 30 acres) with a 5-acre “piggy back” area and the 22-acre stormwater pond and associated MEP systems.

Tetra Tech met the accelerated project schedule by providing the basic design, final design, and permitting submittal in seven months. Tetra Tech obtained regulatory approval in two months. Tetra Tech completed construction of Cell No. 1 in 11 months.