ENEVA, formerly MPX Energia, S.A., contracted Tetra Tech to conduct an environmental impact assessment (EIA) and companion environmental impact statement (EIS) for the environmental licensing of a dam associated with its proposed 600-megawatt UTE Sul project in Candiota, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. The proposed dam, located between the municipalities of Hulha Negra and Candiota, will regulate flows in the Jaguarão River, provide water for machinery to be installed at the proposed power facility, and serve as a resource to provide raw water for multiple uses in neighboring rural areas.

Tetra Tech conducted the EIA and prepared the EIS in compliance with the terms issued by Fundação Estadual de Proteção Ambiental Henrique Luiz Roessler, the environmental permitting agency of Rio Grande do Sul state, which granted the concession for the dam to be constructed. These studies were required for preliminary licensing, which was granted in November 2009.

Tetra Tech provided detailed descriptions of the implementation and operation of the project, highlighting the activities that could cause environmental impact. Our team then examined and assessed how the project might affect the environmental, social, cultural, and economic conditions in the region. We evaluated the environmental impacts that would occur during construction and operation of the project and developed programs and control measures to mitigate impacts identified in the environmental assessment. 

Tetra Tech obtained the preliminary license from the state environmental authority in just four months, including the implementation and presentation of the environmental studies.