ENEVA, formerly MPX Energía S.A., selected Tetra Tech to support the development of an Environmental Control Plan (ECP) for its operation at Brazil’s Port of Itaqui for unloading mineral coal for its thermoelectric power plant (TPP).

ENEVA will install a 231-meter (758-foot) coal transportation system that will be used to unload imported coal delivered by ship for the TPP. To develop the ECP for licensing the port operation activity, Tetra Tech used information from the environmental diagnosis described in the Environmental Impact Study (EIS) of the Port of Itaqui TPP and in the Dredging of Port Access Channel’s EIS.

Tetra Tech analyzed the physical environment for air quality (evaluating the dispersion of pollutants in atmosphere using air quality modeling); changes in water quality (evaluating the accidental spills of oil and coal using dispersion modeling in São Marcos Bay); and changes in levels of noise emitted during the port activity’s operation. Tetra Tech conducted an analysis of the change in composition and structure of biocenoses for the biotic environment. Further studies were conducted for the socioeconomic environment impact, including employment generation, increased tax collections, and the risk of occurrence of respiratory diseases.

The impact identification and assessment were performed for the operation of the unloading system and transportation of coal at the Port of Itaqui after the environmental diagnosis. This information originated from a preliminary risk analysis developed specifically for the ECP and from the EIS. Tetra Tech conducted evaluations of the physical, biotic, and socioeconomic factors present in the influenced area.

The study results proposed mitigation actions for the following:

  • Air quality monitoring program
  • Coastal water quality monitoring program
  • Noise monitoring and control program
  • Aquatic community monitoring program
  • Social communication program and relationship with stakeholders
  • Environmental education program
  • Health conditions monitoring and control program
  • Individual emergency plan

These programs and directives are complementary to those from the Basic Environmental Plan of the Port of Itaqui TPP and are now being performed.