Edwards Air Force Base (AFB) planned to return two radio relay annex sites to the Bureau of Land Management and selected Tetra Tech to complete the environmental baseline surveys (EBS) required for the real estate transactions.

The sites are located in remote areas several hours’ drive from the nearest settlements, which presented logistical challenges for implementing the site inspection visits and required careful coordination with the Bureau of Land Management to ensure access to the sites was available at the scheduled time of the inspections. The EBSs were completed in accordance with Air Force Instruction 32-7066 Environmental Base Line Surveys in Real Estate Transactions and ASTM, Inc. Standard E1527 Standard Practice for Environmental Site Assessments: Phase I Environmental Site Assessment Process.

The sites’ remote locations made follow-up visits impractical; therefore, Tetra Tech conducted a thorough document review prior to the site inspections to develop a complete understanding of the site history and ensure that all issues were addressed appropriately during the site inspections. During site inspections, discarded debris of unknown origin was discovered at one of the sites. Tetra Tech worked with the Air Force to facilitate removal of the debris to ensure the planned lease termination could proceed without delay.

Based on our complete review of all available site data and careful site inspections, both sites were classified as Category 2 properties under AFI 32-7066. Category 2 is defined as “areas where only release or disposal of petroleum substances has occurred.” Based on this category, planned property transactions for the sites can proceed.

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