The Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) planned to install 10 new radar reflectors at Rosamond Dry Lakebed on Edwards Air Force Base (AFB). An environmental baseline survey (EBS) is required for all real estate transactions on U.S. Air Force property unless it qualifies for an EBS waiver. JPL selected Tetra Tech to conduct a preliminary records review and a visual site inspection (VSI) of the proposed reflector sites to verify whether the site qualified for an EBS waiver.

Following the review, Tetra Tech verified that the transaction qualified for an EBS waiver, which is a streamlined report that records the existing environmental conditions and documents that past and future uses will not introduce hazardous materials or petroleum products to the property. An EBS waiver can be completed for less cost, and in significantly less time, than a full EBS, and reduces the level of effort for both the lessor and government staff.

The EBS waiver was completed in accordance with Air Force Instruction 32-7066 Environmental Base Line Surveys in Real Estate Transactions. Tetra Tech conducted a review of site records and a GIS search of surrounding properties for identified environmental sites to verify there was no record of the use, storage, or release of hazardous materials to the site or adjacent properties. In addition, the VSI confirmed there was no evidence of undocumented releases at the site.

An undocumented soil stockpile with an adjacent building foundation was discovered during the VSI. Following further records review and interviews with an Edwards AFB Historic Preservation Officer, Tetra Tech determined the soil stockpile was the site of a historic drilling mud mine. The results of the records review and VSI confirmed the site qualified for an EBS waiver, and the lease transaction was approved.

Tetra Tech has qualified staff with badge access to Edwards AFB, including high security areas such as the Flightline and Air Force Research Laboratory. This allowed us to respond quickly to client needs and conduct site inspections and on-base records review on a fast-track basis, without the need to arrange site access with base personnel. We also are a restoration program contractor at Edwards AFB and have extensive knowledge regarding environmental sites on base. This knowledge significantly reduced the time needed for our team to complete an environmental review.

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