Tetra Tech created the electronic Program Observation, Reporting, and Tracking (ePORT) system to be responsive to each project team’s unique requirements to track, disseminate, and learn from their activities and accomplishments.

Tetra Tech’s ePORT system has been used around the world on projects spanning multiple technical sectors to:

  • Strengthen the validity, timeliness, and accuracy of programmatic performance information through spatially referenced mobile and web-based data collection tools
  • Streamline and systematize robust and user-friendly procedures and protocols to facilitate effective and efficient data storage, management, and analysis
  • Visualize data in real-time using graphics and dashboards to present program successes against established benchmarks and milestones

ePORT’s mobile data collection capabilities allow creation of customized electronic forms within a web-based, user-friendly interface. The platform requires minimal programming skills, which speeds up technology transfer to and capacity building of local project staff. Electronic forms load directly to mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) using an automated synchronization process. Data collectors participate in training on all elements of a touchscreen device.

Data collectors previously carried handheld GPS units, pens, paper, and cameras for field survey work. Touchscreen smartphones or tablets consolidate all of these functions into one user-friendly tool. In addition, data collectors are able to work offline in remote areas, capturing information locally on their devices. When the devices are connected to a Wi-Fi or cellular network, data automatically synchronizes to a cloud-based database and is immediately accessible to project managers.

ePORT also enhances validation and quality of project data. Projects such as the U.S. Agency for International Development’s East Africa climate-resilience project, PREPARED, use ePORT to more effectively manage their data through real-time data quality checks as results are uploaded to the cloud-based database. Each time a new data point is added, the project’s monitoring and evaluation specialist receives an email alert to review the quality of information and, if necessary, engage the field-based data collector to make corrections. ePORT data management tools provide field project teams with a centralized, user-friendly database to track project performance data.

As a cloud-based technology, ePORT streamlines and automates visualization and reporting functionalities. As information is added to the database, graphs, charts, and web maps automatically update to reflect changing levels of project performance. These functionalities allow project managers to understand and learn from activities occurring in the field.


iFormBuilder Distinguished Project Award, 2014