Downtown Commons, Sacramento

Tetra Tech’s High Performance Buildings Group provided mechanical, electrical, plumbing (MEP) engineering, technology integration, and energy analysis for Sacramento’s Downtown Commons.


  • Size: 1.1 million square feet
  • Construction Cost: $175 million
  • Owner: JMA Ventures
  • Architect: House & Robertson Architects, Inc.
  • Completion Date: 2017


The Downtown Commons project consisted of three major elements:

East and west retail and restaurant shell spaces

This work includes the re-configuration and renovation of approximately 156,200 square feet of existing retail space in the east and west areas of the mall, as well as limited facade improvements at the office building, re-configuration of the existing office building lobby, cinema entrance, and lobby space. The existing parking garage also was reconfigured to allow for improved connections to the remodeled areas above.

New apartment and hotel tower

This component includes a 16-story apartment and hotel tower with two levels of below grade parking, all new construction. The hotel includes approximately 250 rooms with meeting spaces and support areas in the lower two levels. The apartments at the upper five levels are anticipated to include 44 units ranging from one-bedroom to penthouse units. The total square footage in the tower is expected to be approximately 630,000 square feet plus approximately 5,540 square feet of restaurant space at the podium level. This scope includes approximately 46,300 square feet of retail shell space, 41,000 square feet of office space, as well as the development of two levels of new below grade parking, totaling 205,600 square feet.

Site, plaza, and common area development

The re-configuration of the public open spaces and plazas in the west area as well as the re-configuration of the structural bridge with new restaurant shell structures above total approximately 130,000 square feet.

Images courtesy of Chip Allen