Coles Distribution Center Commissioning Oversight

Tetra Tech’s High Performance Buildings Group documented and oversaw the commissioning of the entire Coles Distribution Center, which includes specialist refrigeration equipment and all building service elements.


  • Size: 90,000 square meters (968,760 square feet)
  • Construction Cost: Commercial in Confidence
  • Client/Owner: Australand and Commercial & Industrial Property Pty Ltd
  • Architect: Oldfield Knott Architects
  • Contractor: Commercial & Industrial Property Pty Ltd
  • Completion Date: 2008

The distribution center also has two satellite receiver and distribution offices, a main administration office, gatehouse, reception, and associated high voltage switchroom, emergency generators, and fire pump rooms.

Located on the industrial estate adjacent to the Perth International Airport, the development area is approximately 90,000 square meters (968,760 square feet) with 20,000 square meters (215,280 square feet) of freezer/chilled produce storage maintained at sub-zero temperatures, and 60,000 square meters (645,840 square feet) of ambient temperature storage for distribution of produce throughout Western Australia.

As the project progressed, Tetra Tech worked closely with the developer/builder to provide support, progress details, and subcontractor reporting. Throughout this process, and in the face of substantial commercial and time frame pressures, Tetra Tech identified significant project problems relating to third-party design and contracting and resolved the issues by providing engineering and project administration support. This included:

  • Emergency power generation controls; replacement of documented Building Management System with Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) allowing appropriate load shedding and maintenance of critical business functions
  • Management of significant commercial and program issues with the Endpoint Group (EPG – check definition) contract
  • Resolution of controls interface for dock leveler, truck restraints, rapid doors, and door seal inflators that had not been adequately considered
  • Resolution of interface issues between end user camera specification and procured security systems
  • Facilitation of dangerous goods licensing in a difficult regulatory environment (due to jurisdictional issues between the Department of Consumer and Employment Protection [DOCEP] and the Department of Transport and Regional Services [DOTARS])

Tetra Tech coordinated the commissioning of all electrical services for:

  • Emergency power generators
  • Mechanical ventilation
  • Air conditioning
  • Refrigeration systems
  • Fire services for fire detection, hydrants, and sprinklers
  • Hydraulic designs for hot and cold water, storm water, reclaimed rain water, sewer, and waste disposal
  • Security access control for CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) and MATV (Master Antenna Television)