This innovative project, selected by Hydro Québec Distribution as an example of sustainable development and green energy, will enable the production of three megawatts of electricity using biogas from the completed and operational portions of the landfill.

Tetra Tech designed the entire biogas collection network and the energy production modules.

This project has enabled the further destruction of more than 30,000 tons of carbon equivalent in excess of the baseline scenario, while meeting the Québec government's 2006–2012 Climate Change Action Plan objectives.

The heat produced by the generator engines is also recovered, thanks to a heat exchanger, and is used to heat the landfill's leachate to allow for its biological treatment in winter. The excess heat is used to heat the landfill site's service buildings.

The profits generated from selling the electricity and the carbon credits obtained from destruction of the biogas makes these projects highly profitable for Tetra Tech clients.