Nunavik is the Inuit region forming the northern third of the Province of Quebec, established under the settlement of the first modern land claim agreement in Canada in 1975. This remote northern region is rich in undeveloped resources, but only accessible by seasonal air and sea operations. In the development of the Nunavik Nickel Project, Canadian Royalties Inc. faced the tight schedule of a limited construction and shipping window, and the complexities of a northern remote environment.

With the constraints of a very tight schedule and northern conditions for the completion of the construction work, Canadian Royalties entrusted Tetra Tech to develop the management program for the project and provide construction management of the new mine in Nunavik. The scope of work for this project covered the port facilities, as well as the mining and mineral processing hub. This project was fast-tracked and required rapid mobilization and implementation of project systems.

Logistics were a challenge for this site in such a northern and remote area. Tetra Tech’s construction management team included 60 staff members, 15 subcontractors, and 5 other engineering consulting firms. Tetra Tech’s project management team on site specifically included sector managers, cost controllers, buyers and planners. Tetra Tech’s construction management team included a construction manager supported by superintendents and work supervisors in each discipline, contract administrators, cost controllers, planners and local security consultants. The Tetra Tech team worked closely with Canadian Royalties representatives to do develop and deliver construction procedures appropriate to the unique conditions of the project.

The commissioning of the ore processing plant took place during the months of February and March 2013, and the first production of copper and nickel concentrate has been successfully completed.