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Tetra Tech is helping more children, especially those who traditionally experience poorer education outcomes—girls, students with disabilities, and children from the more remote communities—complete high-quality primary education and achieve literary, numeracy, and life skills through the Basic Education Quality and Access in Laos (BEQUAL) program.

In many places in Laos, achieving a quality education can be a significant challenge. In this complex, diverse country, children come from a range of backgrounds, often from remote regions with distinct languages and no family educational history.

The primary school in my village does not have enough teachers. Therefore, I am glad to be trained as a teacher at the teacher training centre. I will go back to my village to teach at the school there.

Mr Asa Xaejorthu

Laos has made significant progress in improving access to primary education over the past decade, reaching a primary enrollment rate of 98.8 percent for the 2015–2016 school year. Despite this achievement, success is limited by high dropout rates, poor quality school facilities, and a lack of teaching and learning resources.

Tetra Tech is managing the BEQUAL program, which is led by the Lao Government, with support from the Australian Government and the European Union.

BEQUAL is supporting the Ministry of Education and Sports to achieve improved educational outcomes though effective teaching, better resourcing, and increased participation. Tetra Tech is helping teachers provide quality teaching, so children learn and perform better at school. We are improving educational resources available at the national, provincial, community, and school levels, providing a more equitable learning environment for all children.

BEQUAL’s approach focuses on partnerships—with governments and ministries, non-government organizations, teachers, students, and stakeholders—to deliver results focused on five key areas, including policy, planning, and coordination; increased participation; teacher education; teaching and learning resources; and school infrastructure.

Tetra Tech developed a revised Primary Pre-Service Teacher Education Curriculum Framework for Laos primary teaching standards, while BEQUAL’s Ethnic Teacher Scholarship Program is supporting the training of 365 ethnic teachers who will return to their remote villages in some of the most educationally disadvantaged communities. In addition, 54 teacher educators received scholarships to upgrade their qualifications to bachelor, master, and doctoral levels.

BEQUAL will help an estimated 740,000 children receive a better quality education. We are improving educational resources available at a national, provincial, community, and school level, providing a more equitable learning environment for all children. Tetra Tech developed and implemented a new Grade 1 curriculum for 800,000 Grade 1 students across Laos. We delivered 856,000 textbooks, 146,000 teacher guides, 16,600 training handbooks, and 9,000 teacher resource boxes to all 148 districts, and training of more than 16,600 Grade 1 teachers, primary school principals, and pedagogical advisors to implement the new Grade 1 curriculum.

Tetra Tech has rehabilitated more than 300 schools to improve classrooms and infrastructure, including water, sanitation, and hygiene systems in 40 locations. Through the BEQUAL program, 171 schools have received recycled WASH facilities.