Tetra Tech is helping Fiji and Tuvalu build a skilled workforce by providing students with scholarships to further their education through management of the Australia Awards scholarships program in Fiji and Tuvalu on behalf of the Australian government.

The Australia Awards are prestigious international scholarships funded by the Australian government that provide scholars with knowledge and skills in priority areas of study like engineering and women’s medicine. The knowledge and connections gained through world-class tertiary education experiences in Australia and the pacific region empower them to contribute to development in their country and strive for a better future. Through Australia Awards, scholars forge strong, lifelong connections with Australia and create valuable professional networks that support regional cooperation ties between Australia, Fiji, and Tuvalu.

Tetra Tech provides comprehensive administrative support for the Australia Awards scholarships programs in Fiji and Tuvalu and support for tertiary education locally and in Australia through the Fiji Program Support Facility. Australia Awards focus on areas of importance to Fiji and Tuvalu's development, including economic and public sector management, commerce, law, education, health, engineering, climate change, and the environment.

Tetra Tech also is supporting alumni engagement in Fiji and Tuvalu to develop their networks, create professional connections to the sectors they wish to work in, and provide alumni with career opportunities.

The success of Australia Awards scholarships in Fiji and Tuvalu is demonstrated through its alumni who have become leaders and role models for future generations. Fiji and Tuvalu’s alumni who studied in Australia have since returned to Fiji to play pivotal roles in areas of health, education, infrastructure development, disability and gender, business and finance, environmental management, and climate change.

The Australia Awards have a principle of equal access for women and men. Since taking over management, Tetra Tech has seen very strong applications from females from Fiji across all priority sectors, notably in traditionally male-dominated technical areas of engineering, geology, hydrology, and water treatment. Tetra Tech focuses on working with the widest possible network of the public to involve them in the Australia Awards program. This includes work with local disabled persons organizations in Fiji and Tuvalu to improve outreach of promotional activities to people with disabilities.