Tetra Tech is supporting Papua New Guinea’s (PNG) economic growth and development by providing its citizens with access to tertiary education.

PNG and Australia share a long, prosperous, diplomatic, and regional partnership. Australia supports PNG’s Medium-Term Development Plan and Vision 2050 through the Australia Awards PNG scholarships program, funded by Australia’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

Australia Awards in PNG is designed to promote knowledge and leadership and enduring ties between Australia and PNG. It aims to build a qualified workforce, fill critical human resource gaps, and support good leadership in PNG, thereby assisting with addressing the nation’s economic and development challenges.

Tetra Tech manages the Australia Awards PNG program on behalf of the Australian Government. The program offers the next generation of leaders in PNG opportunities to acquire professional and technical knowledge and skills relevant to the priorities of the government of PNG. The program fosters people-to-people links between Australia and PNG and ensures opportunities are provided for women, people with disabilities, and people from remote locations. The awards program also supports alumni to use their skills, knowledge, and networks to drive change and innovation when they return to PNG.

Within the program there are four streams, including the Australia Awards, PNG and Pacific Awards, outreach and alumni, professional development and partnerships, and includes three study options, including primary postgraduate courses in Australia; short-course awards for study in Australia; and PNG specific scholarships for students to meet critical workforce gaps. Through the Australia Awards Scholarships, graduates are equipped with the knowledge and skills to make a difference in the development goals of PNG.