Tetra Tech manages the Australia Awards in Indonesia (AAI) program, providing education opportunities to postgraduate Indonesian scholars who are passionate about making a vital impact to the development of the country.

Indonesia and Australia share an important, highly productive, and cooperative bilateral relationship in business, health, education, defense, disaster reduction, infrastructure, and rural development. The Australian Government supports Indonesia’s efforts to sustain its economy and reduce poverty through its aid programs, including the Australia Awards, funded by Australia’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

The Australia Awards program offers prestigious long-term award scholarships and short course awards for the development of the next generation of Indonesian leaders. Through study and research, recipients develop the skills and knowledge to drive change and help build enduring relationships with Australians.

Tetra Tech manages the AAI scholarships program on behalf of the Australian Government. Awardees study for postgraduate qualifications at Australian universities to empower them with the knowledge and tools to improve development in Indonesia. The awards ensure recipients address Indonesia’s development goals by offering targeted study areas each year.

AAI also offers short-term awards to respond to the needs of organizations and sectors. Short-term awards equip individuals with knowledge, skills, and attitudes to contribute to their organization’s priorities, to strengthen organizations, and to develop people-to-people links between Indonesians and between Indonesians and Australians.

Up to 350 short-term awards will be offered each year to senior Indonesian decision-makers and influencers who want to develop new skills, increase their networks, and their potential through tailored short courses at reputable Australian tertiary education institutions.

Tetra Tech’s successful management of the AAI program is recognized through its involvement in its last three phases. Many alumni returned to Indonesia and made a significant impact on their country through developments in the areas of waste management, environmental conservation, empowerment for Muslim women, conflict-affected research center rehabilitation, increased English language in schools, and STEM education for women and girls advocacy.

The AAI is the largest and longest running scholarship program in Indonesia, with 1,390 postgraduate scholars since 2014.