As today’s ports, harbors, and waterways prepare for tomorrow’s megaships, improvements and expansion of port infrastructure require informed strategies and careful planning for successful implementation. In a time of increasingly stringent land, security, regulatory, and environmental requirements, Tetra Tech provides clear solutions to help our clients navigate this complex world.

Tetra Tech’s comprehensive experience, vast technical resources, and financial strength have been proven over more than four decades of service on all aspects of waterfront and coastal projects.

Our work spans marine, estuarine, riverine, and wetland environments worldwide. Through our security and Second Line of Defense support contracts, Tetra Tech is working at ports around the globe.  Our clients include national, state, and local governments, as well as the private sector.

Coastal Engineering

  • Coastal resilient infrastructure
  • Shore protection (seawalls, revetments, breakwaters, wharves, and piers)
  • Coastal hydraulics
  • Wave, wind, and storm surge modeling
  • Wave forecasting and force analysis
  • Hydrodynamic and water quality monitoring
  • Sediment transport and coastal erosion
  • Dredging and disposal plans
  • Mitigation design, ecological restoration, and habitat creation

Infrastructure Design Services

  • Passenger and cargo facility design
  • Navigation clearance and ship collision risk assessment
  • Rail sidings and yards
  • Moveable structures
  • Mechanical and structural systems (loading arms, gear boxes, cranes, and winches)
  • Floatable structures (barges and docks)
  • Lock systems
  • Seismic assessment and retrofit design
  • Bulkhead, seawall, wharves, piers, and offshore terminals
  • Channel, turning basin, and berthing dredge design
  • Geotechnical engineering, sampling, and analysis
  • Soil liquefaction assessment
  • Construction management services

Waterfront Development

  • Planning, design, and construction
  • Multi-modal transit interconnects
  • Marinas, boat ramps, offshore moorings, and mega yacht facilities
  • Waterfront parks and recreation
  • Marine structural inspection, design, and rehabilitation

Oceanographic and Geophysical Services

  • Bathymetric surveys
  • LiDAR and imagery and surveys
  • High density laser scans
  • Side-scan sonar, sub-bottom profiling, and magnetometer surveys
  • Vessel-mounted LiDAR and multibeam surveys
  • Metocean studies

Security Services

  • Security and threat assessment
  • Guard services, training, and capacity building
  • Preparedness and planning
  • Second Line of Defense and radioactive cargo screening
  • Organizational assessments and strategic consulting
  • Security program management
  • Communications and fiber optic design and construction

Disaster preparedness and emergency response

  • Tsunami early warning technologies
  • Resiliency training and capacity building
  • Public policy planning
  • Governance and community relations
  • Civil-military coordination

Environmental Services

  • Air and water quality studies
  • Clean trucks programs
  • Wetland delineation
  • National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA)
  • Listed species and Endangered Species Act compliance
  • Federal, state, provincial, and local permitting
  • Sediment remediation, including forensic identification of sediment origins
  • Estuary and nearshore restoration monitoring
  • Stormwater compliance and sampling
  • Emergency response
  • Inspection, certification, and compliance monitoring
  • Marine, estuarine, aquatic, and terrestrial resource surveys
  • Benthic studies and seagrass mapping
  • Site assessment and characterization and remediation in tidally influenced sites
  • Environmental compliance assessment and audit program development and implementation
  • Third-party evaluation and reviews of construction specifications and plans for development within contaminated sites GASB 49 Financial Reporting
  • Clean Water Act Section 403(c) Ocean Discharge Criteria Evaluations for discharges to state and federal waters

Program Management

  • Planning
  • Design
  • Construction
  • Grant reporting and administration
  • Construction administration

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Providing ongoing preliminary engineering and design of 14 salinity barriers to help to reduce wetland loss rates in Louisiana

The Tetra Tech team designed shoreline protection features as a first line of defense for coastal Louisiana marshes

Living Shoreline Demonstration Project, Louisiana

Designing 21 miles of shoreline protection to attenuate wave energy, protect coastal marshes, and increase biodiversity

Fort Pierce, FL

Fort Pierce City Marina Reconstruction and Expansion

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Designing the first rock arch fish passage to be constructed on the east coast of the United States


Modeling and Characterization of Dredged Sediment for the Expanded COPAPE Pier, Brazil

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