Tetra Tech’s experience with approvals and permitting for mining and mineral exploration helps clients successfully move projects through the complete mine life cycle.

A project’s ultimate success depends on developing thorough and effective studies to understand social, environmental, and political conditions in a specific locale.

Tetra Tech’s social scientists, ecologists, geologists, hydrologists, archaeologists, engineers, and radiological and air quality specialists study and evaluate existing conditions and potential effects to support the preparation of permitting applications for all stages of a mine.

Tetra Tech has extensive experience conducting environmental, social, and economic analyses for greenfield and brownfield expansions; monitoring and managing environmental conditions during project development; and strategizing solutions. We have successfully worked with private industry and national, state, local, regional, and aboriginal agencies around the world to develop approaches to complete the permitting process efficiently without compromising legal defensibility.

Tetra Tech has provided strategic environmental impact analysis advice and technical assistance to mining companies for projects around the world.


  • Exploration permits
  • Environmental and social impact assessments
    • Baseline studies
    • Environmental impact statements and assessments
    • Stakeholder consultation and engagement
    • Mitigation plans
  • Construction permits
  • Operating permits and monitoring
    • Plan of operation
    • Air quality permits
    • Radiological health and safety permits
    • International cyanide management
  • Reclamation and remediation permits and monitoring

Environmental Management

Tetra Tech has assisted with the development and implementation of International Standards Organization (ISO) 14001 environmental management systems (EMS), including proprietary software and support. An EMS integrates environmental policy into everyday business operations by instilling responsibility and environmental stewardship into employees across the entire organization, not just the environmental department. Tetra Tech has experience developing and implementing EMS programs and tracking environmental obligations to ensure commitments are met, regardless of mine staff and ownership changes.

Health and Safety Commitment

Tetra Tech is a leader in safety performance, consistently applying health and safety practices to all projects around the world. This commitment to safety excellence extends across the entire organization—from corporate leadership to local project staff. Clients have direct access to our program information and ratings through BROWZ and ISNetworld.

Environmental and Social Responsibility

Tetra Tech helps mining companies build and maintain relationships with communities and local governments. We offer expertise to support corporate social responsibility and environmental programs, as well as adherence to the Equator Principles for determining, assessing, and managing social and environmental risks and the associated reporting requirement for funding emerging mine projects and significant mine expansions.