Corey Busuttil

Location: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

After my experience with Engineering Students @ Work (ES@W), I felt comfortable joining NDY, A Tetra Tech Company. I learnt a lot with ES@W, but the first day of actual work with real world ramifications was very much a daunting experience. Now when I drive past some of Melbourne’s most iconic buildings and infrastructure projects, I can point them out to friends and family and say, “I played a part in that.” It’s exciting to stand next to this enormous construction and know that part of what makes it work started with me.

Corey Busuttil, graduate engineer, recently joined Australia-based Norman Disney & Young (NDY), A Tetra Tech Company, after his experience with the ES@W Program in high school. ES@W provides students with realistic, experimental learning opportunities in the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) field. The program began in 2009 through the Science Students @ Work Program led by Akorn Educational Services in partnership with NDY.

Corey had an interest in STEM subjects from an early age. He first turned his interest to practical use in high school where he participated in a program that allowed students use to CAD/CAM software to collaborate, design, analyze, manufacture, test, and race miniature, compressed air-powered balsa wood F1 cars. In this experience, Corey first saw the real-life applications of STEM that led him to pursue an engineering degree.

In high school Corey also participated in the ES@W Program, collaborating with five other students who went on to become engineers. He studied electrical engineering at RMIT University in Melbourne and gained practical experience working at United Energy while attending university. Corey is still in contact with his university peers, sharing tips, experiences, and best practices as industry contacts.

Because of his previous work with ES@W, Corey applied for a graduate engineering role at NDY. He now helps facilitate the ES@W program in Melbourne. As part of the electrical design team at NDY, he is helping create some of Australia’s most iconic buildings and structures that benefit the community. He also is now a member of the chapter management committee for the Victorian Chapter of the engineering illumination society. Corey hopes to develop his electrical engineering skills to become a leader in the industry and work on cutting-edge projects around the world.

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