Tetra Tech is a leading, global provider of consulting and engineering services for the full project life cycle. Tetra Tech’s organizational structure and core values are highlighted on the Our Company section of our website.

Tetra Tech formally established the governance and framework for its Sustainability Program on April 22, 2010. A governance document was issued on that date and outlines the goals for the program, the design of the Sustainability Council and Workgroup, and specific roles and responsibilities for all Council members. In 2016 Tetra Tech issued updated five-year goals and a revised Sustainability Plan.

Sustainability Program Governance

The organizational elements of Tetra Tech’s Sustainability Council match those of Company operations. Executive management leads the Council and Workgroup; corporate services departments participate and provide support.

Executive Management Support

Tetra Tech’s executive management authorized creation of the Sustainability Council, provides final review and approval of the Tetra Tech Sustainability Plan, and reviews the Company's progress in achieving overall program goals and objectives. Tetra Tech’s Chief Sustainability Officer, Dr. Leslie Shoemaker, leads the Sustainability Council and Workgroup.

Sustainability Council and Workgroup

To support its ongoing sustainability efforts, Tetra Tech established a Sustainability Council to help coordinate and track its Sustainability Program, oversee the development of an annual corporate Sustainability Report Card, and support the communication of best practices across the Company. The Council provides input from corporate departments, helps implement and communicate relevant aspects of the Sustainability Program, and supports the tracking of Sustainability Program goals and initiatives. The Council includes representatives from relevant corporate departments and is overseen by Tetra Tech’s Corporate Sustainability Officer, Dr. Leslie Shoemaker.

The Sustainability Program Workgroup assists the Sustainability Council with the day-to-day operations of the Sustainability Program and gathering data to be reported in the annual Sustainability Report Card. The Workgroup includes select Sustainability Council members, specific corporate department employees, and experts in sustainability programs and energy and carbon management practices. The Workgroup designs specific objectives, identifies associated tracking needs and metrics, evaluates Tetra Tech’s sustainability baseline, and develops the web-based sustainability report.