Tetra Tech provides expert management services in facility operations, maintenance, administration, and all aspects of related training for industrial, commercial, and governmental organizations worldwide.

We help our clients manage and operate their facilities self-sufficiently. Our experts assist with creating systems and procedures, as well as training personnel in implementation. We both ensure the safe, efficient installation of the system and simultaneously transfer our expertise to our clients' personnel. Tetra Tech can also help implement automated systems using the latest computer technology to provide fast, accurate management information.

To enable rapid response to operational improvements, Tetra Tech’s full range of systems and supporting procedures provide detailed control over all functions in management, operations, and maintenance of remedial facilities. These systems are capable of adaptation over a wide range of applications to meet the specific project requirements.


  • Operations and maintenance of hazardous waste extraction and treatment systems
  • Thermal, chemical solidification, biotreatment, and physical treatment systems
  • Plant operations
  • Maintenance engineering for oil and gas projects
  • Maintenance engineering for mining and minerals projects
  • Operation of facilities fueled by landfill, digester, wellhead, and natural gases
  • Routine maintenance services for engines from various manufacturers
  • Internal combustion engine overhaul and major maintenance services