Nehtruh-EBA Consulting Ltd. (Nehtruh-EBA) is a Gwich’in-owned company, incorporated in 2002 and based in Aklavik, Northwest Territories. The company is a partnership between Shamrock/Tomahawk Ltd. and Tetra Tech (formerly EBA Engineering Consultants Ltd.). Shamrock/Tomahawk is owned and directed by Charles Furlong, a former Chief of the Aklavik Indian Band and mayor of Aklavik.

Nehtruh-EBA is registered with the Northwest Territories and Nunavut Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists (NAPEG) to provide professional engineering services. Nehtruh-EBA also is registered as a Gwich’in company and a northern business under the Government of Northwest Territories Business Incentive Policy (BIP), providing services in the Gwich’in Settlement Area.

As a multi-disciplinary consulting services company, Nehtruh-EBA provides engineering and environmental services for a broad range of infrastructure, transportation and civil engineering projects. Environmental services include contamination assessments; environmental remediation; permitting and regulatory support services; and bio-physical assessments of plants, animals, fish, and water.

Nehtruh-EBA has conducted work for local clients on projects such as the Capital Suites Hotel, the new Mackenzie Hotel, and Aurora College in Inuvik. The team also provided consulting services to the Government of the Northwest Territories on projects such as the Mackenzie Valley Highway (Project Description Report), and for the internationally funded satellite tracking facility near the Inuvik Airport. Nehtruh-EBA completed five significant contracts for geotechnical and geophysical services in support of the Mackenzie Gas Pipeline (MGP) Project between 2002 and 2006. The company currently is assisting with the assessment of an all-season road and bridge design near Aklavik.

Since incorporation, Nehtruh-EBA has secured more than $8.5 million in project consulting fees.