Tetra Tech is working with the Los Angeles County Arboretum and Botanic Garden to help restore its historic, sediment-filled Baldwin Lake. This project is helping revitalize a popular Southern California destinations located just 2 miles from Tetra Tech’s corporate headquarters.

Founded in 1947, the Arboretum has a rich history of providing the San Gabriel Valley with horticultural and historical learning resources. In addition, Lake Baldwin serves as the collection basin for 155 acres of land to the north of the park.

Sediment that has collected over the years reduced the lake’s original 15-foot depth to an average depth of just 30 inches today, creating multiple ecosystem problems. Tetra Tech is working to determine the nature of the sediment that has filled the lake by collecting and analyzing sediment cores. We are examining the lithology, abnormalities, and environmental impacts of the soil and will determine if the sediment is safe for beneficial reuse at the Arboretum.

As we celebrate Tetra Tech’s 50th anniversary, we are honored to help restore a historic gem and vital part of our local ecosystem!