For the past 20 years, Tetra Tech has been Leading with Science® in coastal fisheries management in the Asia Pacific region. As vulnerable coastal populations compete with international fisheries fleets for increasingly scarce marine resources, Tetra Tech is working to empower local communities to develop and implement management plans to monitor and enforce coastal activities.

Our team’s recognized leadership in this sector grew from our work with the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID)-funded Coastal Resource Management project in the Philippines. This video highlights how our team developed methods to improve the management of fisheries and coral reefs, while protecting marine biodiversity and helping preserve the livelihoods and food security of the people who depend on it.

Tetra Tech applied the lessons learned from one project to other countries, expanding and continuously improving management approaches throughout the Asia Pacific region through the regional USAID Coral Triangle Initiative. This multi-agency effort aimed to support improvements in coral reef management and fisheries management for food security. Learn more about Tetra Tech’s involvement in the Coral Triangle Initiative.

Tetra Tech has the experience, tools, and expertise to solve many of the problems confronting coastal communities.