Tetra Tech’s commitment to support climate-positive actions worldwide contributes to a better, more sustainable future. During the first decade of our Sustainability Program, Tetra Tech exceeded many of our goals, including reducing greenhouse gas emissions from our global operations by 78 percent—well beyond our initial target of 30 percent. By Leading with Science® and supporting global sustainability efforts, Tetra Tech’s work aligns with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals by providing reliable water supplies, improving sanitation, increasing the adoption of renewable energy, designing more efficient buildings, and restoring and protecting land and water ecosystems.

Tetra Tech’s sustainability goal for the next decade is to be Climate Positive & Carbon Negative. We are striving to improve the lives of 1 billion people worldwide by 2030. The projects we perform for our clients are tracked by four key metrics: habitat conservation, carbon avoidance or capture, water management, and renewable energy development.