As part of Tetra Tech’s Sustainability Program, the Company challenges employees around the world to cycle to work each May to reduce emissions and promote sustainable transportation methods.

Tetra Tech’s 2018 International Bike to Work Week (BTWW) Challenge, was the Company’s biggest challenge with 678 riders from more than 56 teams pedaling 42,835.8 kilometers (km) across Australia, Brazil, Canada, Hong Kong, Malawi, New Zealand, Poland, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Tetra Tech’s 42,835.8 km means that our cyclists collectively saved about 5,038 liters (1,331 gallons) of gas and kept the equivalent of about 11.8 metric tons CO2e from being added to the atmosphere.

This video highlights teams from around the world who parked their cars for a week and braved all types of inclement weather—hot, cold, wet, and even snowy—to cycle to work.

Learn more about the 2018 International BTWW Challenge.