Tetra Tech provides expert support for the complete mine life cycle.

Tetra Tech provides consulting and engineering services, procurement support, construction services, and construction management for new and existing mines (open cut and underground) to assist mining companies and mineral exploration companies throughout the complete mine life cycle.

We offer mining, geological, metallurgical, environmental, and cultural consulting services. Our engineering services include civil, mining, geotechnical, water resource, mechanical, electrical, structural, and architectural design. We also provide procurement support, construction services, and construction management.


  • Identify a Mine Opportunity: Exploration
    Tetra Tech provides mining consulting, mineral resource evaluations, and mine due diligence during mine exploration for mineral and ore potential identification.

  • Define a Mine Opportunity: Pre-development
    We provide mining consulting for pre-development and mine development to define the mining opportunity with preliminary economic assessments, scoping studies, and pre-feasibility and feasibility studies. Tetra Tech also works with mining companies and the financial community to perform mine and financial due diligence as opportunities move through the mining cycle.

  • Permit: Approvals and Permitting
    Our services include environmental and cultural resource consulting for environmental permitting and mine permitting and mine closure reporting.

  • Execute a Mine Project: Construction
    Tetra Tech provides process plant, mine, and civil engineering design; mine water treatment; tailings management; heap leach facilities; and project delivery including engineering, procurement, construction, and construction management (EPC & EPCM) services to build, improve, or expand a mine.

  • Produce: Operations
    Our services include engineering and in-plant engineering support to plan, design, and implement mine sustaining capital and capital expansion projects, facility and process improvements, mine water management and waste handling design, and process optimization support.

  • Close: Reclamation, Remediation, and Closure
    Tetra Tech’s engineers, ecologists, geochemists, and reclamation specialists provide support for mine reclamation, mine remediation, mine closure, and monitoring to prepare mine sites for appropriate post-mining use.

Health and Safety Commitment

Tetra Tech is a leader in safety performance, consistently applying health and safety practices to all projects around the world, both at the job site and in the office. This commitment to safety excellence is driven by our Chief Executive Officer, Dan Batrack, and is implemented across the entire organization at every level—from corporate leadership to local project staff.

Tetra Tech is a registered member of BROWZ and ISNetworld, which provide our clients direct access to information about our safety programs and rating.

Environmental and Social Responsibility

Tetra Tech’s sustainability professionals help mining companies build and maintain relationships with communities and local governments, including environmental and social impact assessments to gauge economic growth, social development, and environmental protection throughout the life of the mine and post-mine completion.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Tetra Tech supports mining companies with corporate social and environmental programs beginning in the early stages of mine development and continuing throughout the mine life cycle.

Equator Principles

Tetra Tech supports adherence to the Equator Principles for determining, assessing, and managing social and environmental risks and the associated reporting requirement for funding emerging mine projects and significant mine expansions.