Tetra Tech maintains a state-of-the-art materials practice that brings a high level of expertise and materials support to every project.

We provide construction materials engineering, inspection, testing, quality control, and quality assurance services to local government and provincial public works departments (roads, bridges, and schools), the land development industry (residential, commercial, industrial, and recreational), and the resource and mining industries (wind projects, substations, transmission lines, refineries, and dams). Tetra Tech has introduced innovative equipment and engineering methods that have advanced materials technology.

We provide construction monitoring and laboratory testing for aggregates and soils, asphalt, and concrete. Other specialty services include:

  • Advanced geotechnical laboratory testing (triaxial, consolidation, and direct shear)
  • Soil permeability testing for liner construction and design
  • Post-construction concrete evaluation and analysis
    • Forensic failure analysis for Portland cement concrete structures, including slab-on-grade slabs, concrete pavements, bridge structures, and buildings
    • Sidewalk failure investigations
    • Corrosion half-cell potential for reinforced concrete structures
    • Moisture potential of concrete slab before flooring installation
  • Parking lot evaluations
  • Pavement condition investigations
  • Floor flatness testing
  • Full cold-room facilities for frozen materials testing: strength, creep, thaw consolidation, thermal conductivity, and frost heave

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Wing Wall Rehabilitation at Suncor Plant 85

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Kinosis K1A Drilling Pads and Processing

Kinosis K1A Drilling Pads and Processing Facility

Providing geotechnical recommendations, construction testing, and environmental observations for a steam-assisted gravity drainage facility

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CrossIron Mills Mall Development

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Chinook Regional Hospital Addition

Providing material testing construction services for the Chinook Regional Hospital redevelopment

Canyons Development

Quality Assurance Testing at the Canyons Development, Lethbridge, Alberta

Providing on-site monitoring, testing, and review for Melcor Developments Ltd.