Landfill Engineering

Tetra Tech’s experienced solid waste engineers design innovative waste transfer, recycling, organics management, conversion, and disposal facilities including liner, cover, and drainage systems, and solid waste facility infrastructure.

Tetra Tech’s expertise includes all aspects of solid waste facility and infrastructure design and engineering. Our renowned solid waste industry leaders help clients plan, design, and build infrastructure to manage the processing, transfer, recycling, conversion, and disposal of waste. This includes design of systems and facilities that help communities meet new waste diversion and greenhouse gas reduction requirements. We are at the forefront of comprehensive solid waste facility planning and permitting, design, construction, operations, monitoring, maintenance, and closure.

Tetra Tech incorporates innovative elements into solid waste facility designs to maximize space and optimize the location and configuration of site features, while preserving space for future facilities. Our use of mechanically stabilized earth berms increases landfill capacity and extends landfill life. Other innovations include incorporating recirculation and backwash provision into leachate collection sumps to extend operating life and address fouling of the leachate collection sumps; using exposed geomembrane covers for reduced cover expense, enhanced stormwater control, and minimization of leachate generation; and extensively using geosynthetic materials in lieu of natural clay soils and aggregates.

Our permanent staff includes planners, engineers and designers, geologists, landfill gas specialists, leachate management and groundwater treatment specialists, construction managers and inspectors, remedial engineers, and regulatory compliance specialists. We have the resources to provide a broad range of landfill engineering services and can efficiently function as an extension of a client’s engineering and planning staff, providing support resources in specific areas as they are needed.

Landfill Engineering

  • Siting and environmental clearances
  • Master planning
  • Fill sequencing and liner phasing
  • Landfill gas collection and control system design
  • Waste disposal cell design
  • Stockpile and soil management planning
  • Grading, drainage, and erosion control plans
  • Stormwater pollution control
  • Drainage structures and detention basins
  • Pumping systems
  • Leachate management
  • Landfill expansion and optimization
  • Final cover and closure design
  • End-use planning
  • Landfill redevelopment
  • Surveying
  • Design peer review

Civil Infrastructure

  • Scale houses
  • Fee booths
  • Administrative and maintenance buildings
  • Roadways
  • Utilities
  • Automation

Geotechnical Engineering

  • Subsurface exploration
  • Field geological and hydrogeological mapping
  • Geotechnical and analytical laboratory testing
  • Slope stability analyses
  • Erosion potential and slope evaluation of cut and fill slopes
  • Soil borrow studies
  • Geophysical investigations
  • Foundation analysis and design

Construction Support

  • Bid analysis and award support
  • Construction engineering support
  • Construction management
  • Responses to requests for information
  • Review of contractor bids and submittals
  • Construction quality assurance
  • Construction claim and change order analysis
  • Final construction certification

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