Municipal Solid Waste

Tetra Tech is a global leader in the design of municipal solid waste facilities that incorporate the latest engineered systems to provide the highest level of environmental protection.

Tetra Tech supports communities through the full life cycle of municipal solid waste facility development from preliminary planning and permitting through implementation and operational phases, including design, construction, operation, and closure. We have consulted for the largest public municipal solid waste authorities and private waste management firms in the world.

Tetra Tech provides municipal solid waste landfill engineering services, such as liner, cover, drainage, landfill gas, and environmental control system design. We also support permitting, design, and construction of municipal landfill civil infrastructure, including roadways, stormwater controls, fee collection facilities, buildings, utilities, and security measures. In addition, we are fully qualified in the design of next generation municipal solid waste facilities to support waste diversion, organics management, waste-to-energy, and bioenergy utilization initiatives.

Landfill Design and Engineering Services

While new approaches to reduce, reuse, and recycle waste resources are being developed and implemented, landfill operations remain the backbone of municipal solid waste management. For the foreseeable future, landfills are a necessary component of an integrated waste management strategy, backstopping new initiatives, and providing safe disposal of materials that cannot be recovered through other methods.

  • Landfill site master planning, design, and permitting
  • Baseliner and final cover design and geosynthetics
  • Geotechnical, site characterization, and slope stability studies
  • Leachate collection, recirculation, and bioreactor system design
  • Landfill gas collection and control system
  • Air compliance
  • Infrastructure and stormwater control design

Transfer, Recycling, and Processing Facilities Services

Tetra Tech helps clients maximize operational and asset efficiency, profitability, safety, and durability for the materials they manage—including emerging alternative waste conversion technologies that achieve higher value and beneficial uses.

With combined experience encompassing more than 225 recycling, material recovery, co-composting, transfer, and maintenance projects, Tetra Tech works to solve nearly any facilities related concern. Our solutions merge the insight gained from national and international projects with detailed local knowledge.

  • Solid waste, organics, and recyclables facilities management, planning, permitting, and design
  • Truck, rail, marine facility design, from permitting through construction
  • Material handling, sorting, separation, and processing equipment layout and specification
  • Evaluations, improvements, and retrofits of existing solid waste facilities
  • LEED services with certified professionals
  • Air quality control system design and permitting

Our Expertise in Landfill Engineering

Tetra Tech is a global leader in solid and hazardous waste landfill engineering design that incorporate the latest engineered systems to provide the highest level of environmental protection. Our turnkey landfill master planning, design, and construction support experience includes more than 500 projects in North and Central America and Asia Pacific.

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