Industrial Waste

Tetra Tech offers creative, cost-effective, and strategic industrial waste management solutions for industrial and commercial clients—from energy, chemical, pharmaceutical, pulp and paper, and metal finishing to banking, legal, real estate, and transportation.

Tetra Tech provides our industrial and commercial clients with high-end solid waste solutions, including compliance, sustainable practices, operation and maintenance optimization, and exit strategy development for legacy liability. We investigate markets and options for their streams and develop options for waste management in a sustainable manner.

We listen to our clients’ needs, seek to understand their strategic plans and goals, and integrate services to achieve these goals. Our experience enables us to work with various stakeholders, including citizen groups and regulators, to achieve practicable and cost-effective outcomes.

Our personnel remain at the forefront of changes in the regulatory environment and advances in technology. We assist our clients in navigating the complex world of environmental regulation and applying both established and innovative technology.

We have worked extensively with special waste materials, agricultural materials, biomedical waste, and fly ash from energy plants.

What sets us apart in the industrial waste market is our ability to develop exit strategies; understand continued manufacturing operations; and integrate hydrogeology, hydrology, and engineering. Tetra Tech brings stakeholders together to gather perspectives and build consensus. We have decades of practicable, relevant experience and can apply various innovative technologies.

Our services for commercial and industrial customers include:

  • Environmental planning and compliance
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Regulatory reporting
  • Permitting
  • Design, procurement, and construction
  • Quality assurance
  • Remediation
  • Air quality
  • Transactional services

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