Biological Nutrient Removal

Who Should Attend?

Municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plant managers, operators, and engineers seeking a thorough understanding of the key modifications of the activated sludge process that are used for nutrient removal. Focus will include the microbiological basis of the processes, and approaches to optimize Biological Nutrient Removal (BNR) process control.

Course Description

BNR is a two-day course of integrated troubleshooting workshops illustrating how to monitor and control biological nutrient removal processes, including nitrification and denitrification and enhanced biological phosphorus removal. This course is designed for mid- to high-level wastewater professionals.

  • Learn techniques to save energy and improve controls and design
  • Learn how to conduct proper sample and data collection with lessons in nitrogen and phosphorus chemistry and removal; redox, biochemistry, and microbiology; nitrification and denitrification; and Bio-P Removal
  • Identify the value of VFDs, off-peak usage, reduction of demand charges, and other energy savings

With more troubleshooting and updated, real-world examples of plant applications, participants will obtain tools to improve controls and design, provide proper sample and data collection, and gain understanding of microorganisms. Students will be encouraged to participate in active learning through group discussion, problem solving, and workshops so they can return to their own facilities with ideas for optimizing process controls, cutting costs, producing higher-quality effluent, and improving their plants' sludge settleability.

"Excellent! I wish I had Ron as my biochem professor! Will definitely take more Tetra Tech classes!"
BNR student

Updated materials and discussions will foster advanced learning in nitrogen and phosphorus chemistry, biochemistry and microbiology, nitrification and denitrification, and nitrogen and phosphorus removal.

What Will Be Covered During Class

Day One Day Two
  • Introduction
  • Chemistry for BNR workshop
  • Microbiology review workshop
  • Bacterial growth and its measurement
  • Nitrification
  • Denitrification
  • Alkalinity and O2 transfer workshop
  • Process configurations
  • Process control for nitrogen removal
  • Real-world examples
  • Nitrogen control problem workshop
  • Introduction to biological phosphorus removal
  • Microbiology of phosphorus removal
  • Process configurations for Bio-P
  • Operations toolset
  • Process configurations for N & P removal
  • Bio-P problems workshop
  • Summary and next steps

CEU Credits

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